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The Athesion Hub is a cloud-based Governance, Privacy, Risk and Compliance system designed to automate and simplify many of the time-consuming tasks required to ensure organisations meet their compliance objectives.

Wherever possible, the system utilises the concept of self-service and management by exception, so that everyone is focussed on what they need to do. Time and effort is not wasted on unnecessary tasks. We have a rich set of ready-to-go policies and processes that can be utilised to provide a successful assurance framework.

Features & Benefits

Establish a cyber security governance programme to manage risk more effectively

Use the Athesion Hub to implement a series of practical integrated compliance processes to ensure the organisation has sound risk assessment, effective policies, appropriate controls, active monitoring to boost organisational preparedness.

Single repository to meet your compliance needs

A single repository to keep all your important compliance data and evidence in one secure place.

Improve cyber security controls

Centralise, coordinate and monitor the performance of your cyber security programme.

Better and easier compliance with GDPR, Cyber Essentials, NHS DSP Toolkit, ISO27001 and other frameworks

Use the Athesion Hub to provide the necessary compliance controls to boost your compliance project and get it on-track

Simplify and automate key compliance tasks

Let the Athesion Hub automate routine repetitive tasks to reduce effort and boost compliance productivity

Demonstrate your cyber security accountability to clients, regulators and others

Use the inbuilt system reports to provide the evidence as to your compliance to meet your business’s statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations, whether it’s for GDPR, ISO 27001, Data Protection Act, Cyber Essential’s, NHS DSP Toolkit, Health and Safety or others.

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