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What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the legal framework for protecting and the collection of personal data from individuals.

The GDPR has been adopted across Europe and the UK. The UK implemented GDPR via the Data Protection Act 2018 and was updated on 1st Jan 2021(Brexit). This is known as UK GDPR.

Why DLP Assured for GDPR and Data Privacy?

Let us do the serious work.

Our GDPR and Data Privacy experts will make it easy for you. Using our tried and tested ‘DLP Data Protection Framework’ to fast-track and speed your journey to data privacy compliance.

Remember GDPR is not a ‘do it once and forget about it’ task but rather an ongoing process that needs to be embedded into ‘Business as usual’.

What do we need to do be GDPR Compliant?

With GDPR, customer information (also staff details etc) is not ‘owned’ by the organisation anymore but is rather lent by individuals and must be used with care. Individuals now have privacy rights and these rights place certain obligations on organisations (which if ignored) can result in significant monetary fines.

To be GDPR compliant your organisation needs to take a structured approach:

  • Understand the information that you hold and the risks to which it is exposed.
  • Establish measures to protect the personal data and ensure that it is used correctly and lawfully.
  • Ensure you can demonstrate how this is achieved, typically by having documented policies (and procedures) and processes that ensure privacy and security is maintained.

You are always in control

All projects have free access to our unique DLP online project dashboard. This helps you plan and allocate tasks, track progress and provide management control across the organisation to help keep your privacy compliance project on track.

You are in expert hands

DLP consultants have significant experience with GDPR projects.

The consultant team are experts and highly qualified in information security, information security management, cyber security, and privacy. Several team members are IAPP CIPP/E certified Privacy professionals.

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