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Day 1 DSP Toolkit Training Course (London)
1 day course (or day 1 of 3 day course)

Introduction to NHS DSP Toolkit and how to make a successful submission Course Overview
(1 day course or day 1 of 3 day course)

A 1-day course to help you understand what the DSP Toolkit is, why it’s needed, why it’s important and how a successful submission is made.

The course is designed to be an introduction to the DSP Toolkit and is suitable for all categories of organisations from the relatively straightforward DSP Toolkit submission for a GP or commercial organisation through to the more extensive requirements for an NHS Trust or ICB.

The course will help you develop a practical understanding of the DSP Toolkit submission process and the skills required to apply in your day-to-day work to meet the DSP standards and help improve privacy and cyber-security governance in the workplace.

The course is relevant to anyone who is required to submit or assist with a DSP Toolkit submission project and is new or unfamiliar with the subject area. This course will typically be beneficial for those staff who have some responsibility for information governance, privacy, audit, IT, compliance or cyber security in an organisation that processes NHS patient data.

This course can be taken as an individual day or part of the full 3 day course. This is day 1 of the full 3 day course.

These courses are also available to run on a clients site. For details contact us below

NHS DSP Toolkit submission

Course delivered by privacy and cyber security experts

All courses will be delivered by two privacy and cyber security experts who have significant project experience working with clients on NHS DSPT and other compliance-related projects.

During the courses, the consultants will lead a lively debate on the challenges, solutions, practical issues and other details involved with establishing good privacy and cyber security controls within organisations of all sizes.

Their industry certifications include (ISC)2 CISSP, IAPP CIPP/E, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and ISACA CISM.

The consultants have delivered over 40 IG and DSPT projects from GP surgery’s, NHS bodies, NHS healthcare providers, specialist health diagnostic’s organisations, pharmaceutical companies and other’s.

Introduction to NHS DSP Toolkit and how to make a successful submission Course Outcomes

This course is made up of 4 sessions. After completing this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Explain the objectives of the 10 DSP standards and how they help safeguard personal data and minimise the risk of a cyber attack
  • Describe how the DSP standards relate to established cyber security standards and data protection legislation
  • Appreciate the need for effective risk management to protect assets in a healthcare environment
  • Explain the role of the DSP Toolkit Portal, the types of assertions made, the evidence required, incident reporting and the available outcomes
  • Consult and collaborate with key staff regarding the DSP Toolkit assertion inputs needed from relevant departments (such as IT, Legal, HR, Operations, Facilities, etc)
  • Appreciate the steps required to plan a successful DSP Toolkit project
  • Understand how to deliver a successful DSPT project and how to avoid potential problems
  • Report on sources of pre-written policy and procedures, sources of training and sources of cost effective IT products that can be used to assist with a DSP Toolkit project and speed its completion
  • Describe efficiency measures that can be utilised to minimise the staff effort and the time required to make future DSP Toolkit submission’s

Session 1
(1 day course or day 1 of 3 day course)

DSP Toolkit online system

DSP Toolkit and the DSP standards

  • What is the DSP Toolkit?
  • Why is the DSP Toolkit important?
  • What are the relevant legal, regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Understanding cyber security and data protection risks.
  • Managing the challenge of the increasing impact of technological change within healthcare.
  • What is the role of good privacy and cyber security governance in modern healthcare?
  • What are the well-known standards and regulations that indicate good privacy and cyber security?
  • How using standards such as ISO 27001 or CE can reduce DSP Toolkit requirements and workloads
  • What are the DSP standards?
  • How do the DSP standards relate to the well-known privacy and cyber security standards and regulations?
  • What are the special challenges to implementing good privacy and cyber security standards within healthcare?

What does a DSP Toolkit project involve?

  • Managing risk in a healthcare environment
  • Establishing effective protective controls
  • Developing and updating Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • Train and educate staff in relevant areas
  • Importance of Project Management
  • Providing ongoing feedback to Management on the progress of the DSP Toolkit project
  • Undertaking Audits & Assessments
  • Maintaining records
  • Building an evidence base of DSP Toolkit compliance
  • Recording DSP Toolkit assertions in the DSPT Portal
  • Gaining management approval for the submission

Session 2 - The DSP Toolkit
(1 day course or day 1 of 3 day course)

DSP Toolkit online system
  • What type of DSP Toolkit is to be undertaken? – the 4 Categories of organisations
  • How to register for a DSP Toolkit submission
  • Getting an ODS code
  • The DSP Toolkit portal
  • Question Formats: Statements, evidence and Comments
  • Mandatory and non-mandatory requirements
  • Types of submission outcomes: Standards met, Approaching, Exceeded
  • DSPT Action Plans
  • Key DSP Toolkit dates
  • Management signoff
  • Entering assertions into the DSP portal
  • Publishing the Toolkit
  • How the world sees your DSP Toolkit status
  • Incident reporting via the DSP Toolkit portal

Session 3
(1 day course or day 1 of 3 day course)

DSP Toolkit online system

Developing your DSP Toolkit Project Plan

  • Where to start?
  • Who needs to be contacted?
  • The input of HR – there are 10 assertions relevant etc
  • The input of IT and data security
  • The input of Privacy/Legal
  • The input of Operations
  • The input of Facilities
  • What about staff training?
  • Need for effective policies and procedures
  • Organising a DSP Toolkit project
  • The role of a DSP Toolkit Gap Analysis
  • Scheduling DSP Toolkit tasks
  • Creating a DSP Toolkit Project Plan

Delivering a successful DSP Toolkit project

  • What issues typically can delay the project?
  • Getting the support of colleagues
  • Importance of Training
  • How to avoid potential problems?
  • What tasks take the longest and need to be started first?

Session 4
(1 day course or day 1 of 3 day course)

DSP Toolkit online system

Fast-tracking your DSP Toolkit submission

  • Maintaining management commitment
  • Sources of pre-written policy and procedures
  • How to write good policies and procedures
  • Importance of tailoring documents to fit the organisation
  • Sources of Training
  • Sources of supportive IT products
  • Keeping track and managing the DSPT project

Making subsequent DSP Toolkit submission’s easier

  • Value of integration with other compliance requirements
  • Scheduling Audits throughout the year
  • Establishing a data protection programme as part of the DSPT
  • Establishing a cyber security programme as part of the DSPT

Optional CPD Test

An optional multiple-choice test is available for attendees

These courses are also available to run on a clients site. For details contact us below


3 Day DSPT Training Course


If you have more than one delegate, an additional discount of 20% is available.

Organisations will receive a training voucher worth 50% of booking fees for other courses**

  • All bookings paid for online will attract a 10% discount.
  • Additional delegates from the same organisation are eligible for a 20% discount on the same DSPT course. A DSPT course is run once a month and consists of 3 available days.
  • Oranisation’s will also receive a training voucher worth 50% of booking fee that can be used for other delegates attending DSPT courses**
  • All delegates will be eligible for a free consultation (of up to 3 man-hours) for a DSP Toolkit related query. The free delegate consultancy must be claimed by 1st July 2023.
  • Course are also scheduled for January, February and March 2023. See www.dlp-assured.com/training for dates.
  • Rail strike—the course will not run if a rail strike or other disruption occurs. In this event, delegates can select another course date in the next 3 months. Delegates will be notified at least 3 weeks in advance of the confirmed course date.
  • All attendees will receive a course certificate. An optional multiple choice test is available for those wanting to certify.
  • Courses will be run in central London.
  • DLP Assured is a G-Cloud approved supplier.
  • * price quoted excludes VAT
  • Course day counts as 6 hours towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD)

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