PenTest Lite Service Datasheet

Pen Test Lite Service

Protecting your internet facing attack surfaces from compromise is vital. Assets such as web applications or email servers are always on and available for attack 24x7, from hackers based anywhere in the world.

Our Pen Test Lite Service focusses on testing the key pathways used by hackers to break into your web based IT infrastructure.

Our Pen Test Lite Service is different from our other pen testing services in that it is purposely more affordable and faster to run and set-up. We focus on finding a way in, then stop and report back to you, documenting what we’ve found and providing expert advice on how to fix the problems found.

If you develop your own applications or make changes to your web connected IT infrastructure, you are very much at risk. And changes are happening all the time. Networks are the same. Software is constantly being upgraded to deliver service enhancements or fix newly found security vulnerabilities. What may seem an insignificant code change by a programmer or a modification to how a device is configured could have a devasting effect.

Our Pen Test Lite Service is performed by senior experienced penetration testers on a basis useful to you. Whether it’s a one-off ad-hoc test or part of a routine scheduled testing programme the Pen Test Lite can mean the difference between business-as-usual or a major security breach.

Pen Test Lite Service

Our Pen Test Lite service includes the following:

  • Network scans to determine available attack surfaces
  • Security review of exposed network shares and/ or database servers
  • SQL Injection on exposed web servers
  • Operating Systems and applications tested for vulnerability to well-known exploits
  • Misconfiguration of exposed network services
  • Focussed attempt to gain access to internet facing systems (limited to 1 hour per IP address)
  • Service terminates on the discovery of a hacker attack pathway into your system
  • Immediate reporting of any discovered attack route and how it can be fixed

Pen Test Lite Service

  • Affordable penetration test service
  • Identifies how an attacker can gain access your internet facing systems
  • Provides expert guidance on remediation of advice on security problems found
  • Attacks delivered using widely available tools and methods as used by hackers
  • Easy to understand reporting
  • Service tailored to client requirements
  • Fast notice of all attack vulnerability pathways identified

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